Monday, May 13, 2013

Celebrating 5000 Page Views: Cue Kool & The Gang

Back at the end of February 2013, when I started this blog my aspirations were modest. More than anything I wanted to create a central repository for the ideas I've been encountering during my stint as a digital media researcher in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Surrounded by big thinkers thinking deep thoughts about things big and small has provided me with lots of fodder, and today I am pleased as punch to announce that we have just hit the 5000 page view mark here at De-mass'd. I say we because I couldn't have done it without you, fair readers. So please, help yourself to some cake pops and refreshments while the musical entertainment below prepares for the show. Special Club 5000 shout outs to power blog readers and endorsers John Martens of West Saint Paul, Minnesota and Peter Krogh of Washington, DC, as well as to Ruby Karelia Strong, whose blog, started when she was just 9 years old, inspired me to take the online publishing plunge myself.

Thanks are also in order to Macklemore, whose story of being the first artist not signed to a label to reach #1 on the charts, I chronicled here, and which has been the most popular series of posts by far. (Ed. Note: I got a bit carried away and it turned into a 7-part post). And let's not forget Charles "Dead Giveaway" Ramsey, the Cleveland hero whose songified news interview gave me another opportunity to do some numerical analysis of a popular media phenomenon. And in between there's been lots of rumination about the shifts from mass-produced media for mass markets to micro-produced media for niches, which now can also function as markets. It's not the old superstar-level of success in the entertainment industry but I think that overall it's good news as it enables the makers to create and publish and distribute at a fraction of the previous cost and lets audiences decide for themselves what constitutes an interesting piece or product.

So here's to the next 5,000 -- and now, take it away Kool and the Gang...

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