Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On reaching 50,000 page views

Hello dear readers.

Just a quick note to mark another blog milestone: 50,000 page views! So won't you join me in raising a glass to commemorate this joyous day.

And like they say in Grammy acceptance speeches (if they're nice, that is), I couldn't have done it without you. So thanks to you and you and you for the clicks and comments and shares and retweets over the past year. Each and every one is appreciated.

The Demassed maintenance crew at the official 50,000 page view celebration, held earlier today

Later this year you can look forward to better weather and an exclusive interview with legal scholar and MIT Media Lab intellectual property research specialist Kate Darling. The topic is how the adult entertainment industry has adjusted to reduced intellectual property protections online, the subject of a qualitative study she recently completed.

Upcoming blog interviewee Kate Darling

Yes, Internet porn comes to the blog. But not gratuitously. That means you can read the interview and not have to judge yourself. Oh, and I'm told the interview will also be available as a podcast on Radio Berkman too, so stay tuned.

Update: Listen to the podcast of the interview with Kate Darling here.

And to help us prepare for that interview, let's go back to a spacey 1977, and a song that would inspire a film of the same name, 20 years later.